Danielle Alvarado 

Special Needs Consultant & Advocate



Hello. My name is Danielle Alvarado, I am a parent Advocate. My goal is to help you get the services your loved one needs. I am the parent of four young men who are in their 20's and 30's now. Each one has a disability.  I have been through alot being in the world of disabilities. I 100% get how hard this can be, how it feels when you feel alone or have no where to turn. I realize this can and at times will be difficult but, I am here to bare the brunt of that stress. My main goal is for you to feel and be more in control of your particular situation. 

 I have had many years in this field as a Advocate, over 25 and I've been a mom for 31 years. I don't believe giving up is an option and I have learned it really does take a village. I worked in all aspects of education, Regional Centers, Residential placements, Programming, and finding all community, school, and educational services. My past cases range from Autism, and all developmental disabilities to mental health and drug/Alcohol cases. There is not much I haven't seen or heard. Most of all I do this because I truly care and a long time ago someone cared enough to help me. I have the passion and determination to make a difference. I don't just "talk the talk" I "walk the walk" I put my heart and soul into helping you while maintaining the objective, professional stance needed to help your loved one.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you to have more success and happiness in your life. Please see the "Success Stories" pages for letters from Parents & Professionals I've worked with. I've Truly experienced first had that, no matter what, anything is possible. Life CAN be better. 

Please See My Service Page for Person Center Planning also!!

 - Danielle Alvarado 



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